About Jenni Keller

I’m not a scholar. Or a theologian.

Most days, I’m cleaning the kitchen.

I’m just a girl. Passionate about the Word of God. And eager to help develop your passion for the Word, too.

I’ve been a Christ-follower my whole life. But, it was only five years ago that I made the decision to lay down my excuses and truly cultivate the discipline of daily Bible-reading.

As I sowed in discipline, God met me there — whispering promises and truths over my life through his “alive and active” Word (Heb 4:12).

It’s been a game-changer.

It’s not magical, it’s supernatural. And nothing would thrill me more than to help others cross over obstacles and into the overwhelming joy of connecting with God through the Bible.


My day job (and nights (and weekends)) is wife to Andy and mom to Lauren, Jillian, Claira and Griffin. I like to cook, read, write, run and drink coffee during long one-on-one conversations with people that I love.

Thanks for stopping by!